Our vision is that young people will create the ballet of the future.

About Us

About National Youth Ballet


The future of ballet and dance lies in the creative hands of young people.



National Youth Ballet provides empowering and transformational opportunities for young people to learn about dance and ballet and experience creating and performing new work.  We seek to give our future generations a strong and diverse voice.



Safe – we champion healthy and sustainable practice.
Nurturing – we contribute to a mutually positive and nurturing experience.
Respectful – we are respectful of each other, and show this in our interactions with everyone; both online and in person.
Inclusive – we value diversity and proactively seek to create an inclusive environment for all stakeholders.
Communal – we are a community and we grow from our shared experience.
Creativity and Artistry – at our core we are creative and collaborate in our creative process.
Challenging – we challenge perceptions about what ballet is and conventions about who ballet is for.
Quality – we work hard to create high quality educational and dance experiences.



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