Ebony Molina

Ebony began working with the McOnie Company in 2009. She has since worked alongside Drew McOnie for many projects, workshopping and creating many shows as his Associate. As Associate Ebony has worked on The Wild Party, Bugsy Malone, Carousel, Jekyll and Hyde, ES Awards, On The Town, The Lorax, Spring Awakening, Tommy and Be Mine.
Ebony’s performance credits include Guys and Dolls, Jekyll and Hyde, The Lorax, Singin’ in the Rain, 42nd Street, Shoes, Shall We Dance, Sweet Charity, Be Mine, L’heure espagnole , On The Town, Sinatra, Chicago, West Side Story, Beauty and the Beast, On your Toes, Les Demoiselles du Rochefort , My One and Only, Romeo and Juliet, Chess, and Matthew Bourne’s The Carman, Edward Scissorhands, Dorian Gray and The Nutcracker.

Ebony has workshopped various shows including Company, King Kong, Groundhog Day, Jekyll and Hyde and The Lorax. Ebony has filmed Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and will be filming Disney’s The Little Mermaid later this year.
Ebony spent the early part of her career in the commercial industry dancing for various artists on Award and TV shows.

Ebony continues to perform, create and teach.

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Ebony Molina
Easter Masterclass Guest Artist