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Michelle Tofi

Michelle (she/her) studied Film & TV studies at UEA & then Film and Broadcast Production at London Metropolitan University, graduating with a first class honours BA.

In her working life she has primarily been in the camera department, beginning straight out of university as a camera assistant on micro budget feature films. Taking a love of cinematography as her starting point she climbed the camera dept ladder from there, eventually gaining cinematography credits on feature films, music videos and television. From there Michelle specialised in arts and culture, collaborating on art films with artists like Sarah Maple and Sonia Boyce. In 2022 Sonia Boyce won the top prize at the Venice Biennale art festival with a work Michelle directed and edited for her.

Michelle’s biggest inspiration is her grandfather, who came to the UK as an immigrant and managed to forge a life and career despite many prejudices & obstacles.

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Michelle Tofi