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Polly Mitton

Always interested in the arts and sewing, Polly completed a degree in Costume Production and Associated Crafts at Plymouth College of Art, where she was able to explore many kinds of costume, but particularly focused on theatre.

Since graduating, she has enjoyed working on various fabrication and costume projects in both theatre and outdoor performance, highlights including Trigger Stuff’s The Hatchling, the opening ceremony costumes for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022, and her beloved panto back in her hometown of Newbury.

Her biggest inspiration is her family and friends, especially her sister, who she’s made ballroom dresses for in the past. Dancing is very close to her heart, so she is very excited to be in the world of dance costumes at last, and is looking forward to working with NYB!

Photo (c) Connor Kerry

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Polly Mitton
Beyond Ballet® Assistant Costume Supervisor