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Dancers’ Development Experience – Staff Page


Dear NYB team

We are so excited to have you as part of the team for the Dancers’ Development Experience this Summer. 

As many of you are aware this opportunity is a little different from our usual summer residential as unfortunately due to Covid 19 we are unable to run our residential or performances. However, we see the DDE as a brilliant opportunity to develop our young dancers’ skills both technically and creatively, improve their confidence and prepare them for a return to stage in 2022.  

We are really pleased to work with you to nurture and support our young dancers’ and hope that we can still create a unique company atmosphere for them to enjoy. The work will be filmed at the end of the week and we hope that it will be recreated and developed in the 2022 season. 

We hope that the information below will be useful please do not hesitate to contact Jo if you have any questions: jo.meredith@nationalyouthballet.org

With all best wishes, 

Jo and the NYB Team


Information for Staff (click on the headings below to be taken to the specific information):

Forms to Complete

Deadline: 21st July 2021
Staff Information Form

Deadline: 31st August 2021
Diversity & Inclusion Monitoring Form

What to Expect

We ask staff to arrive 30 minutes before their class time in order to allow time for orientation, temperature and covid checks at the entrance. 

Please come ready to teach as changing facilities will not be available due to Covid 19 restrictions..

You will receive registers on the first day of teaching. 

Amelia O’Hara will be available to help you should you need any assistance such as printing for your sessions. Please email her in advance with requests:  admin@nationalyouthballet.org.

Chaperones will be present throughout the course to support you with pastoral care.


Seniors Schedule: 16th August – 20th August

Juniors Schedule: 23rd August -27th August

What to Bring
In addition to your regular teaching materials please bring with you:

  • Your own hand sanitizer 
  • Two face masks 

What not to bring:Nut Free Zone
The Dancers’ Development Experience is a NUT FREE ZONE. Please do not bring food containing nuts to LAMDA studios. This includes peanut butter, cashew nut butter, almond butter and hazelnut spread (Nutella). Please also be aware that some food items might also contain nuts like cereal bars.

PLEASE READ: Anaphylaxis and EpiPen Guidance

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones are permitted but should not be used during sessions unless for rehearsal purposes.

Covid Protocols

Covid Safety Certificates – All teaching staff will be required to undertake a level 2 online training in Covid security and safety with a nationally recognised organisation. 2 designated staff members will have a qualification to support their covid safety training. https://www.procoronavirus.co.uk/training

Testing – All staff will be required to take a lateral flow test every morning before entering the building.

Documentation – Staff will be required to fill in a daily google form before they arrive at the rehearsal venue which will document their test results and any changing symptoms.

Social Distance – The use of social distancing will be in line with current government guidelines, where possible we will still encourage students to give each other space and enough studios will be allocated to allow for small class sizes if needed. If appropriate social distancing will be applied whilst students are on breaks.

Read our full Covid Protocols


Please make sure that you have read the safeguarding policy

Please note that Nichola Packham is our designated safeguarding lead and will be contactable throughout the course by telephone on this number: 07738 612976 – if you have any concerns about a young person please contact Nichola Packham directly and do not discuss your concerns with other staff members. 

Please see these important details from the policy:
Code of Conduct for Staff

Flowchart of Safeguarding Reporting


Useful Information

Emergency Contact Details 

If you need to contact National Youth Ballet in an emergency during the course the number to call is 07376 721142

A member of our team will have this phone with them at all times. Please do not call prior to the Senior Dancers’ Course, as this phone will only be active from 7am Monday 16th August 2021. 

Any queries prior to this date should be sent to admin@nationalyouthballet.org.


Hotel and Travel Information


Invoices should be sent to info@nationalyouthballet.org after the completion of your work. Please include your NI number and your SA number. The invoice address is: Betchworth House, 57-65 Station Road, Redhill, Surrey RH1 1DL.