Our vision is that young people will create the ballet of the future.

Moving Minds

National Youth Ballet is committed to building and developing physical and mental resilience and confidence in young people both within and through ballet. Our Moving Minds series of online workshops, each half-term, is focussed around a specific and relevant topic of health and well-being, aimed at increasing resilience and a positive mindset in young dancers.


Our first ever Moving Minds workshops took place during February half-term 2021, and looked at how to nurture young dancers’ mindset, ways to adapt to new challenges, develop confidence and support ongoing health and wellbeing. 64 young dancers took part in February. Feedback included:

“The entire course really taught me a lot about confidence and well-being and I came away from the class feeling enlightened and more confident in myself, especially because I felt like I knew tons more about how to have the right mindset in dance and I loved learning all of the new techniques and ways to boost my confidence.”

“I learnt lots of techniques to help with boosting confidence (confidence jar, super song) and managing nerves or anxiousness (breathing exercise, superhero pose).”

“I learnt how to control my nerves before a big event but also to accept the fact that it’s okay to be nervous and there are ways of getting rid of it.”


The second Moving Minds workshop took place in June 2021 and focussed on group dynamics and explored key topics around giving and receiving feedback, team work and social and emotional well-being after a year of working independently. Feedback included:

“It was really useful learning about the impact you can have in the space and how what you bring is contagious.”

“I learnt how to be an active listener”


The sessions were led by NYB practitioners, Charlie Brittain and Carrie Johnson. Charlie’s specialism in Sports Therapy and musculoskeletal health, Carrie’s in Sports Psychology and their joint experience working in professional dance make them ideal workshop leaders for this project.