Our vision is that young people will create the ballet of the future.

Community Engagement


We believe the future of ballet as an art form can only be sustained through engaging a diverse range of children and young people.  We launched our “Fit to Dance” Outreach programme in 2004 in schools and the community.  Schools can use our workshops and lesson plans and integrate our creative tasks within their own curriculum as a way of demonstrating that their school is committed to enabling high-quality artistic experiences.

You can book a workshop for your Primary or Secondary School students to explore themes from one of our shows.  Created to inspire young people regardless of background or experience, with a passion for movement, our bespoke dance workshops can be tailored to any age group.  Our professional choreographers and teachers will lead a practical session where participants will get a chance to explore storytelling and choreographic language, learn repertoire from the show and delve into creative tasks.

We are committed to diversity and inclusivity and we have delivered a number of projects.  And to date we have visited over 60 schools covering 14 different themes.

If you are interested in applying let us know by emailing info@nationalyouthballet.org

Resource Pack
Contact us at using our online form to receive your resource pack.

The Fit to Dance” scheme sees the NYB company maintain its commitment to taking dance to primary schools and communities around the country.  The idea of providing fitness for fun through dance is a fantastic initiative.