Ellie Marsh

Ellie is an apprentice dancer with National Dance Company Wales for 2019/20.


Gary Clark (Phoenix Dance Theatre), Antonio Boriello (Northern Ballet), Jamaal Burkmar, Arielle Smith, Avatara Ayuso, Bar Groisman, Sanotsh Menon, Akshay Sharma, Antonia Grove, Leeds Fashion Ball, John Lewis Grand Opening.

National Youth Ballet

Ellie has been with National Youth Ballet for over a decade, as a dancer for 7 years and then Choreographer and now Rehearsal Director. Whilst in the company she won The Nijinska Award for best female Choreographer and was awarded multiple choreography awards by Sir Frank Freeman.


Leeds University, The Northern Dance School, assistant at Tring Park Summer and Easter Schools.


Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Tring Park School.

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Ellie Marsh
Rehearsal Director, Developing Artists Opportunity, Beyond Ballet