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Juliana Ratcliff

Professional Experience: Juliana Ratcliff (she/her) is our resident stylist who specialises in Classic Vintage Hair and Beauty with an interest in Creative looks and Special FX.  Over the past 10 years; from graduating her BA in Specialist Hair and Media Makeup, Juliana has worked on a number of different projects, platforms and medias; from TV adverts, independent films and documentaries, to stage productions, group and private photoshoots and conventions. She also has experience of running her own creative photoshoots, where she explores eclectic themes like; UV Body Paint, Cartoons, Tattoos, Sci-Fi Characters, Macro-Photography, Punk and many more.


Biggest Inspiration: ‘I believe in bringing joy to those under my brush by creating different classic looks which bring out the beauty (and beast) in each of my clients from avant-garde, editorial, bridal and vintage, to characters, gore and Prosthetics.’

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Juliana Ratcliff
Hair and Make-up Artist