Our vision is that young people will create the ballet of the future.

Kavya Chauhan

Kavya is a marketing and content consultant, who has worked with a diverse range of consumer and entertainment brands such as IMAX, Expedia, Universal Pictures, InterContinental Hotels and Hamleys. Her experience covers social media, content and influencer strategy for UK and EMEA, and now she consults with small businesses to help them elevate their comms and grow their brands. She is all about seeking out compelling stories and finding creative ways to communicate them online, and is excited to be involved in this with National Youth Ballet.

Kavya is passionate about the arts, having trained in Carnatic (Indian classical) music and Bharatanatyam, and previously taught Carnatic singing to 5-10 year olds in London. She knows the impact that being involved in the arts can have on young people – from building confidence and performance skills, to fostering a love of creativity – and values the important work that NYB does.

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Kavya Chauhan
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