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William South

Over a long and varied career composer and multi instrumentalist William South has enjoyed global and critical success with his projects Heavy Shift, Philadelphia Bluntz and The South Trio, freelanced on tour and in the studio with artists as diverse as David Byrne, Larry Heard, All Saints, Dead or Alive and Tom Jones among others, composed extensively for TV/media (including BBC shows Hustle, Death in Paradise and Freefonix) and over the past few years after working as co-composer and band leader on the Punch Drunk immersive theatre show The Drowned Man has developed a passion and focus for composing for contemporary dance/ballet shows and works regularly with various institutions such as English National Ballet and Laban and choreographers such as Sarah Dowling, Stephen Pelton, Jo Meredith and Feet off the Ground among others.

Also a very experienced mentor of young bands and musicians starting with pioneering work at Goldsmiths working with teenagers, he has helped many embark on successful careers in music and has in particular overseen the development from scratch of Nova Twins, from learning to play right up to chart success and a recent Mercury Prize nomination.

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William South
Pianist, Winter Workshop